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Yeah, I am a Theatre Lover !!

Yeah, I am a theatre lover, and I like it!!

Let’s begin with an old story when I was just 11 years old and my lovely teacher, Socrates, gave me the opportunity to participate in his play. And that was the first time that I decided to be brave and stand in front of all my classmates to present a comedy. I remembered how excited I was and how I loved the idea of performing. But do you believe that by being on the stage once is enough? Of course not! So I decided to join a theatre school and become a theatre lover!!

It was a fantastic experience to learn how to build my personality through acting, to get altered, to express myself only through my expressions even without talking. What I realised during my theatre lessons is how amazing it is when someone can be so active and energetic during a theatre performance, but on the other hand, he is so shy in his daily routine. This is the secret tip of an actor. To change every time he is adopting a new role and to adapt to that unique personality by not revealing his characteristics. There are various categories of theatre performances. Sometimes I find myself to fit in the drama aspect and sometimes in the comedian aspect, but does this matter?? Not really. What matters is to enjoy what you are performing and try to make it yours. This is how your audience will be impressed by your abilities and talent.


   “Great theatre is about challenging how we think and encouraging us to fantasise about a world we aspire to – Willem Dafoe”

The feeling when you get into the shoes of others, when you pretend that you are somebody else when you have to think how a character, which is entirely different from yours, thinks, then you are in the right place, in the theatre place! Every time that I am studying about a new role, a new character, I try my best to leave behind myself and to affiliate that personality as much as I can. This is what theatre lovers do. It is not easy to perform a role of a homeless, a prisoner or for example an older adult while in the reality you are just the regular guy of the next door. And that is when the actor shows his the real talent. When you see him on stage, but you cannot imagine that in reality he is entirely different and you can never imagine how he would react in such situations.

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“Acting is behaving truthfull under imaginary circumstances
– Sanford Meisner “

I need to share with you my heart beats when I am standing in front of my audience. I forget everything that has to do with my daily routine, and I am focusing on my role at that specific moment. It is magical to achieve to pass the characteristics of your character to your audience. My primary goal during my performance is to lead my audience to leave aside their problems and to live this dream. The dream of being who you would like to be in your world, no matter of the consequences.


“One of the safest places to be in the world is the stage – Frank Langelia”

And then, after all the hard work, after all the nights and the hours that you sacrificed to perform two hours of performance, you need only the clap. Usually, actors spent a lot of hours for their rehearsals with a consequence to sleep fewer hours, to spend less time with their friends but more time for studying. When you hear people clapping, then you realise how thankful you are for having the talent to entertain people. During my last performance, I had to impersonate a young student lady who was extremely funny, crazy and with a strange kind of humour. Well, I could never imagine that children would love this young lady!! So, in the end, I couldn’t say no to their request for a picture. Since they made me
feel happy I had to thank them in my way.

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“A stage play ought to be the point of intersection between the visible and invisible worlds – Arthur Adamov”

Each actor feels satisfied and grateful once his audience shows its excitement about their play. The remuneration of actors is the clap of the audience. Thus, My advice to all of you out there is to follow your dream and never quit. It does not matter whether you study something or whether you have certificates but try your best to improve yourself and be happy.


“We must all do theatre to find out who we are, and to discover who we could become – Augusto Boal”