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Why do smart people find it difficult to find happiness?


“Blessed are the poor in spirit” has a reason, and this is confirmed by studies showing that smart people find it difficult to be happy. But why is that?

Over-analysis kills happiness

And over-analyzing is an idiom of intelligent people. Rarely will a smart person accept a situation because “that’s what happens.” On the contrary, it will go into the process of thinking and analyzing everything around this situation, a process that causes stress and negative feelings. Over-analysis has been directly linked to depression and anxiety disorders.

They have a high barrier

Smart people know what they want, what they can achieve, and rarely compromise with anything less than what they know they can conquer. Being always high on their bar creates a feeling of constant dissatisfaction.

They are critical

Not with others but with themselves. They judge themselves harshly so that they are not allowed to enjoy anything. Their inner voice never ceases, and they rarely urge them.

The reality seems boring

They have such a delicate perception that they can “catch” messages and meanings beyond the eye that they want to study. This tendency of them to create existential issues that leads them to paths of worry and awakening that alienates them from the possibility of enjoying life in the “here” and “now”.

They feel alone

But also, different. Intelligent people are looking for deeper and more meaningful communication. They want to hear and feel that someone understands them. As simple as it sounds, it is difficult, and the crisis also confirms this truth, that human relations are going through in our time.