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Why did i start blogging


I am a very emotional person, and I love to express my feelings in a piece of paper. I discovered blogging through a few very favorite bloggers where I followed and read their articles.

One day I decided that this is something that I love to do, you like it, and it works as motivation for me.

So, I started writing and creating this blog where I was free to share my feelings, experiences and ideas about different kind of topics. I am only doing it in my free time, and I enjoy it.


I have put a lot of effort, time and love to finish this blog and be ready finally to share it. Also, I want to express my happiness and at the same time how proud I am. I feel that is an excellent gift if you can write and express yourself and share some beautiful photos as well with other people who have the same passion and interests like you. It is a real blessing!

After a year running this blog on my own, a little young fellow joined me and helped me to develop this blog in a better way.
That’s my co-writer, a friend and a family member Maria!


You can find all of our information and social media where you can see all of our experiences and travels here and here… We always try our best and we hope that you like every single post 🙂



That was just a short article to explain to all of you why and how this blog was created and also how much we love blogging!

Finally, the most important part is that because I would like to thank you guys for supporting, reading and loving this blog. Without you, it wouldn’t be the same!
Your opinion does matter to us, and we always appreciate your comments and likes on our articles.
Please for once more express your feelings and thoughts to this article.


Thank you for your love,
A lot of love and appreciation,