Imagine & Fly

When you have a bad day, keep going!


Most of the times, I hear other people complaining about everything that may happen in their life.  Either he is a friend, a colleague, a family member or even someone that I have just met. I feel that some people have this tension to complain and believe that the universe is against them and that karma is a failure for them. However, let’s assume that yes, the world is against you and every time that you wake up you face a new difficulty in your life, does this mean that you should quit? The answer is, NO! Of course, no! Thus, how our life could be without difficulties? The obstacles exist to those who are psychologically stable people to be overcome. Because only strong people can achieve that.

So, every time that you feel that you have a bad day, keep going!! Stop having negative thoughts. Replace all the negative words and the ‘not’ of your life with positive words. This is how you will expel all the negativity that surrounds your daily life, and you will realise that the difficulties will be reduced, and only good things would happen. Personally, what I try to do when I believe that a new fact has been created to destroy my plans, is that I focus on how to beat it down and dream on what I want to succeed. Through that, I feel strong enough to keep going on my life and being proud of what I achieved. Most of the people who face the difficulties one by one is that they do not feel that they can manage any kind of situation and finally succeed.


There is no point to start complaining about your day being bad. It is normal that we all have some bad and some good days. Stop focusing on saying ‘why this happened to me’. Well, I would like to inform you that this specific occasion already happened to someone else who achieved to overcome it. The reason that you do not know about it is simple. It is because that other person did not inform the whole universe about this situation, but he instead focused on how to overcome it, and now it just belongs to his past. Imagine your beautiful life, away from any stupid obstacle, and always believe on your inside strength. Focus on that one beautiful and amazing thing that happened throughout your day, and you are happy about rather than this one sad occasion. Do not leave evil thoughts to dominate your dreams.


This is a way for an eventful day with the antidote never to quit and keep going. Follow your dreams, follow your goals and focus on how to achieve this. The next time that you wake up, and you believe that your day started badly, think of the above points and keep going. I am pretty sure that this would be the first step for the beginning of a new fabulous life away from any ‘difficulty’.

“Beautiful Things Happen When You Distance Yourself From Negativity”