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What’s really in…my bag?

my bag

Bag…or maybe better… BAGS!!!

What a big chapter for a women. Most of the women loves bags or they have something like passion with them. They always want to buy more and more and more and they are never enough! I can say that i am one of those women… I love bags, of every shape, every color, every brand and style i just love them! I could buy a bag every time i am getting out of my house. Seriously i can! I can spent money only for bags… I can….Or just stop!!!

This is not our topic, this was just the introduction :p

The main topic and the main reason that i am writing this topic is to show, WHAT our bags have inside. I will take as an example mine.

As you realize, i need my bag for work, for gym, for shopping..actually for every occasion. What really exists in that bag? I ll tell you now…

  1. Mobile phone
  2. 10 different types of lipsticks
  3. Charger for my phone
  4. Power bank for my phone as well (even if i already have the charger)
  5. A lot of useless papers (i don’t know why, maybe i didn’t find time to throw them)
  6. Tissues
  7. Baby wipes
  8. Makeup + other beauty items (…….)
  9. Extra socks (yes!)
  10. Tablet
  11. My snacks (for the whole week)
  12. Work key
  13. Wallet
  14. Bus monthly card
  15. Headphones
  16. Oil remover wipes for facial use
  17. Medicine (if i will need it)
  18. Jewelries (just in case)
  19. Pens
  20. Hand cream
  21. My glasses (+sunglasses)

P.S I want to mention here that this is a medium size bag…

As you realize people, women are very important creatures and always needs to be prepared and ready for everything!!! DO NOT forget that before you criticize!

But as we all know even with every little imperfection women are amazing and men cannot live without us..!

That’s all for today girls, stay always as you are…

With lots of love