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Visit Bratislava in one day!


Travelling, travelling and travelling! This is one of my favourite activities, and I enjoy it every time that I am organising to travel abroad or even to have a local excursion in my country. This time I decided to go to Vienna with a friend. Oh, wait this is an article about Bratislava rather than Vienna. Why am I referring to Vienna? Because I stayed in Vienna for one week and I choose to have a day trip from Vienna to Bratislava. I insist that once you travel to Vienna, you should definitely book a bus ticket with Flixbus and travel to Bratislava. It costs around €10.00 for a return ticket, and it is just one hour away. Flixbus is worth for value and highly recommended. 

So once you arrive at Bratislava, you should visit the St. Martin’s Cathedral which is near the bus stop, and then walk by the historic old town where you can view the Fransiscan Square and Old Town Hall. The Old Town Hall is considered a Romanesque building and is the house of the mayor of the medieval city.

Moreover, the Primate’s Palace is also located in the old town of Bratislava, a building finalised on 1781 for Archbishop Josef Battjyany. 

I enjoyed walking through these picturesque alleys. It is fantastic to visit a city that is entirely different from yours.


Walking and wandering around the city about this architecture, you can walk by the Michael’s Gate, a symbolic gate that was built in the mid-14th century and illustrates the statue of the archangel Michael at the end of the tower. 

After that, when we tried to discover the best souvenir shop, we saw this man …. 


This bronze man, Cumil, is a reference point in the old town of Bratislava and there are two versions about its existence. The first one is that he is resting cleaning the sewer and the second one that he is looking under women’s skirts. Either way, we liked him.

One of the best places in Bratislava that we were impressed by is the Blue Church. We could not believe it, but it is blue, it is fantastic and excellent for photo shooting! It is so impressive how many churches there are in Bratislava such as the Stephen’s Church and the Trinitarian Church of St John of Matha and Saint Felix of Valois


Except of the beautiful picturesque alleys of Bratislava, there are also some significant buildings that it is a world to visit. For example, the Grassalkovich Palace, where the president of Slovakia resides. It is amazingly big!

I need to describe to you the Bratislava Castle that it is located on the top of the city. From the castle, you can view the whole city as well as the Dabune river. The fully green garden surrounds it.


Can you see something strange in the back of this photo? Oh, it is the U.F.O. Tower. We could not resist entering this extraordinary tower. It looks like a U.F.O. You can buy an entrance ticket and go to the restaurant for a perfect hot chocolate. After that, once the sunset is revealed, you can visit the open-air observation deck, enjoy the view from above and fall in love with Bratislava. 


It is not impossible my friends, you can visit Bratislava in one day and you would definitely enjoy it. I couldn’t provide a conclusion of this article, without mentioning how funny and exciting was this trip for me. I travelled with a friend who, as you can realise, is a great photographer too. 😊 You can watch some of our funny moments in our vlog by clicking in this link. It is not always where you are travelling but also with whom you are travelling. I insist that you should always think of who is going to be your travel buddy on each trip to make sure that you would have unforgettable memories.