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Veganism becomes fashionable


Major fashion metropolises such as Paris, Milan London and New York are preparing for a fashion week to be held next February. Only this time something completely new and different is going to happen!

In Los Angeles, the first Vegan Fashion Show is also to be welcomed, welcoming the fashion industry, and a new philosophy of love to animals.

Now, this makes me very happy. As you know, I am a crazy animal lover, and it was one of my wishes that this will happened sometime in the future. So, there it is…
After banning the use of real animal fur in Los Angeles, a series of clothes and accessories are made of alternative fabrics such as mushroom cloth and alternative skins.

The ”mother” of this idea, Emanuela Rieda, a renowned activist, is very proud that the first Vegan
Fashion Show will take the first step on a new fashion road that will respect and honour animal life.
Although the start will be in Los Angeles, Rieda, he is optimistic that other major cities will join the event in their ”week”!

Let’s all pray that this will happen soon and that the fashion industry will help on this world’s matter.
Also, as an individual again, you can help a lot, by not buying brands who are doing animal
abuse or supporting animal cruelty. All together we can ban this horrible thing!
Take it personally and help the way you can…


Lots of Love,