My top 5 Destinations in Europe

My top 5 destinations

Europe is amazing with lovely destinations for everybody.

In every case there is for sure a country that you can visit and it suits you. You can have the great, dreaming holidays, spending your time with friends or family. Even if you are single, couple or a big family there is a place for you out there.

Some of the destinations that  everyone should visit are listed below always under Imagination-Fly opinion.

  1. Austria – Vienna

So welcome to the World’s music capital! When you visit Austria you should go to watch an Opera or a musical theater, they have amazing art and they are saying that is the city of music and cultural. So for people that are really onto that things of cultural, music and art Vienna is the best destination. Also, Vienna is a magical place especially in the Christmas season. It is full of life and Christmas spirit. There are a lot of Christmas markets where you can visit and you can spent your time eating, playing and having fun.

2. Greece – Islands, Athens & Thessaloniki

What to say about Greece…about one of the most beautiful places in Europe. A country full of ancient history, culture, arts, food, and thousands of small Islands. Greece can be visited all seasons of the year and each time you can do something special. Weather you are a summer lover Greek Islands can offer you their amazing crystal clear waters and beaches, or if you are a winter lover Athens the capital of Greece and Thessaloniki can offer you the most amazing lifestyle full of clubs, food, shopping, and new discoveries. Greece has some of the most beautiful and respected museums around the world where you can discover everything about history and culture. This trip can be unforgettable and one of the most beautiful countries in Europe.

3. Netherlands – Amsterdam

The city of flowers! Amsterdam is one of the most colorful cities in Europe and great destination for Spring and Summer. It is an artistic city rich enough with museums, sightseeing and history. You can walk by their lovely Canal where is full of green and flowers and where you can take your daily river cruise. It has great modern architect and really good lifestyle. In Amsterdam you can enjoy life at the highest levels, by visiting their range of museums, festivals, live music and delightful restaurants. Amsterdam should be impossible to forget.

4. France – Paris

Paris, France’s capital, it is one of the major European city and the center of fashion, art and culture. Everybody for once should visit Paris only for this. The amazing Eiffel Tower, and the Notre-Dame cathedral, Louvre museum with Da Vinci’s ”Mona Lisa” are some of the major attractions in whole Europe! They have great designers that they own their boutiques and it is an excellent place for the ladies that they would like to go a trip full of shopping. Also in Paris you can meet a great range of Europe’s most popular restaurants, cafes, patisseries and markets.

5. Germany – Berlin


Berlin is the capital of Germany. A city in the heart of Europe. Berlin is being one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Is a city of culture, politics, science and media. It is a very tide, clean, busy and modern city where you can visit a lot of museums, parks and also they have the biggest Zoo park in Europe, which is excellent location to visit with friends and family. The city is well known for its festivals, diverse architecture, nightlife, arts and a really high quality of living.


LeoniDim xx