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Together or not?


“TOGETHER OR NOT?” A simple question but at the same time a confusing one.

How many times we were wondering if we are together or not? A lot! Most of the relationships start being confusing at that very moment when the one cannot decide what exactly he/she needs in his/her life. When a person cannot be confident about his/her way of life, probably he/she cannot proceed with a conclusion on whether he/she is together with his/her partner or not. We tend to confuse things when everything is so simple and clear just because we have this other side of ourselves who start overthinking, judging and analysing situations of any kind. Is this the right person for me? Does his/her job description fits with mine? Is he/she clever enough or not? What my friends will say about this? Does he/she have the proper age for me? Yeah, probably lot of questions will arise during the ‘dating period’ with no proper answers.

However, have you ever thought whether this is fair or not for your partner? By being unclear and without talking or discussing your thoughts with your partner, it is commonly easy that you will spread the sense of insecurity and uncertainty within your kind of relationship. I found it completely pointless and unnecessary to being in such kind of relationship that you cannot decide if this is a proper relationship or just a dating idea instead of clarifying your thoughts and the together or not situation. At the end of the day, there is the possibility of having the same way of thinking, the same views about life and relationships, so why not to unite them and be happy?


How many times we felt that this kind of relationship will end within the next second because everything was based in an uncertain behaviour? A behaviour that will not allow you to discuss and think what actually you are doing with your private life. Do you prefer to focus on your job and establish a successful career without devoting valuable time with your partner? Fair enough, just clarify it. Do you find yourself of being a free person who cannot show commitment to your partner? Explain this to your partner. You should also take into account the feelings of the other person. Have you ever thought about what his/her feelings would be? Whether he/she cannot express his/her self just because he/she is afraid of your reaction? I am pretty sure that sometimes you find yourself of trying to imagine what others are thinking just because they cannot discuss it further. In that case, just clarify your own position. At the end of the day, this is a simple way to understand whether you are together or not. 


Have you ever thought where is the answer to the concerns that may encircle your mind? The answer is in our heart and not in our brain. Let’s separate the power of heart against the power of brain. Once you achieve to follow your heart you will find the correct answer on whether this person is the best partner for you and any kind of uncertainty will disappear. Talk to your partner, express your feelings, express your thoughts and do not afraid of what his/her reaction would be. Stop being selfish, be clear, focus on what you want from your partner and that relationship and start talking about it. Take a breath and find this magic courage that is inside you so as to show your real intentions and clarify, together or not?