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The Magic of the Sea


As you all know, i came from an island called Cyprus and i am currently living in the most beautiful city of this island, Limassol. Can you guess why this city is so beautiful and magical both during day and night? The answer is because of its blue sea! Most of the times, people who have no relations with the sea, they cannot understand what I am talking about but trust me, the blue sea should be your best friend, and i will explain you the reason later in this article! 🙂

I feel lucky for having the sea just five minutes drive from my place. I often find myself in both my bad and good times to grab my car keys, and start driving by the sea, even alone, in order to relax my mind and think of whatever troubles me. And then, it is just me and this relaxing blue colour, the one that will relief my stress and that will give me the proper courage to overcome my obstacles and anything that troubles me. Even when I am totally alone and I want to just go outside my place, just to breath fresh air and release the whole tension of my body, I walk by the sea, and sometimes with listening to some music without caring what others are doing next to me. It is also lovely to be there during the night even alone or with friends. I still remember when I finished my work night shifts, I used to buy some drinks with my friends and go over there for swimming. This is how we used to relax during the summer period. It is absolutely amazing to have the whole place just for you and your friends, and the swimming is much better during the night since there is nobody around.


This is one of the best ways to calm and feel peaceful about what you have in your life. My lifetime suggestions is that in the case that you feel that you cannot trust your fellow mates, the sea will keep your hand, through a magic way, and will give you the true answers on your thoughts. The sea may be transformed to a friend that you never imagined that you would need to have. A friend that can reveal your inner beauty and help you to criticise yourself without egoism or narcissism. Thus, there is always a strong relationship of trust and confidence between me and the sea. I am pretty sure that it will never lie to me, and I know that every time I go there it is just the two of us, without back stabs and betrayal, but with honesty. And this shall be the time for anybody to make the right decisions about his life and to determine his future life destination. Yeah, this is the sorcerous moment where I know that the sea will always be by my side whenever I want it. Thus, the sea will always gonna be my best friend and I will always love spending my time over there.