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The idea of volunteering


This year should be a fabulous and fruitful one. January is the month where people start thinking what they did in the last year and what they intend to do in the next one. My suggestion for this year is to start adopting the idea of volunteering. This is what I tried to do during the Christmas period, and I can confirm that it is an idea that will improve your inside beauty and mind. So, in this article, I will try my best to share with you my feelings every time I am adopting the idea of volunteering.

Since my early age, I used to be part of various charitable organisations either through fundraising or through participating in multiple events to spread the awareness of a specific topic (for example by promoting the meaning of ‘Movember’). This year, as you can read in my previous article, I decided to be part of a ‘Santa Claus Team‘. When I first heard about this team, I could not imagine what the idea behind it was. However, I was so curious that I decided to get in touch with the responsible person and learn more about it. Once I did it, it was about time to get excited and motivated to be a part of it. Thus, during December, I dressed up as an elf, and together with the Santa Claus, the Rudolf and the other Efs we visited houses, schools and kids’ parties to give some pleasure to the kids and experience the Christmas dream. Every time that we entered a place with the kids to start smiling, laughing and clench us in their arms I felt that I was the happiest person in this world. 


The scene with all these children who feel that their dream came true is so magical that I would never replace it with anything else. That moment, I felt happy, and I felt the true meaning of Christmas which is to volunteer and help people in need to overcome their difficulties and believe in life again. Thus, I dedicated some of my free time, and I achieved my goal for this Christmas, to help as many people I could to make them feel happy and spend a lovely Christmas period with their loved ones. What was the income for this?? We achieved to raise a considerable amount of money as well as a lot of clothes, toys and items that were donated in a non-profit organisation and consequently given to families. But my payment? The happiness and the satisfaction that I gained to each visit as well as the contentment of the parents who thanked us for making their kids smile.

We, as human beings, need to start learning that the idea of volunteering without expecting anything in return will help us to improve our way of thinking and leave behind the view that the material goods will make us richer. Of course not! This is the time to decide how we should proceed with our lies and targeting to the new goals of this year. Let’s focus on this year’s aim that we should all start adopting the idea of volunteering, either in a little or high level. It does not matter whether you be part of a non-profit organisation or whether you help some people in practice or whether you give money or clothes to a person who needs it. However, what matters is that each person should provide selflessly whatever the level of it. Any help is enough to assist people who need it. And then, after following this idea, we would realize that we will feel satisfied and complete with our lives, we will start approaching life through a different perspective, feel integrated and understand that when we are all united, we will create a better and peaceful society far from any jealousy and inhumanity.