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The fact: cats

The cat is a misunderstood animal… there will be people who are big funs of them and others that they dislike them. i can identify myself though to the ones that they love them!! Having in your mind the concept of independence and freedom, people mistakenly believe that cats are not tied, that they do not love and do not recognize a boss. They think they have only a hearth and exploit whoever feeds them.

Given that the cat is the only pet that has decided to become tame and domesticated, we should understand that the legend of the “relentless exploiter” that follows it is far too unfair for them.

A proud animal, she wants to know everything, to explore her surroundings, to keep her space clean, to claim everything that is in their interest and to thank in every way the man who gives her food and caress. Cats are tied, cats feel, cats have needs that do not create a relationship of dependence between the and their food and sometimes they can be a little spoiled :p

For those who are skeptical about this beautiful animal, or for those who still consider cats are “bad”, I quote some of the characteristics of a cat’s behavior that shows their love on you and wants to show you in every way.


She gets her nails on you
Someone who does not know cats can even be scared if he read a cat would do that. And her habit is a proof of love in the face of her food. A specific behaviour that the cat develops from a small, especially if you have it next to you, from the first few weeks of her life.

It’s a bit painful because it can do it any time you want to feel “hurry” and you’re relaxed on the couch, with the last thing you want to explore, the fine and pointed needles on your cat’s nails, scratch every surface.

It brings gifts to you
From her ball, up to the carpet from the carpet, even the birds or mice she killed herself! It sounds macabre, but it does it to please you. Always remember that the cat is the only animal on the planet that can kill just for “plaque,” another animal. Without being hungry, without being threatened, just because saw it in front of her. That does not make them mean. It merely makes them a regulator of the population to other beings that may have bothered you most, such as mice and snakes.

She sheds her head on your head
Usually, the cat loves the legs. There it is rubbed, there is a whirlwind, there is a sting. But if your cat tends to rub her face on yours and wants to lie down while she has her blouse attached to your face, then you know there’s a big love here.

Before you get used to it, she will make two spinning pieces, trying to stick her body as close to yours as possible. The feeling of love that you feel is terrible.


She looks at you in the eyes
When you are awake, and you wash your dishes, take a bath, dress, talk on the phone, generally when you are there: she looks at you. Many times, it happens to wake up just because you are nailing yourself and you have the feeling that someone is watching you.

It can be spooky, and it resembles a movie scene, but it is a manifestation of love. The cat, if it does not concern her, does not care what efforts you make to distract her. It’s just a snob. But when you look at your every move, you only worship it.


She lets you caress her belly
Another fact: Their belly is a forbidden zone for cats. If it is not your cat, it is better not to try to touch it in the abdomen. It is more likely to remove your hands with her hands, using her nails, your own hands from her belly, driving your hands in her mouth.

Fake – breastfeeding
This is especially true of kittens who lose their mother early and end up in your hands from the first period of their lives. This is a “pushed” motion that has been since breastfeeding, and you are the one who will cover their emotional void.

It will suck your ear bulb, neck, and generally the area around the face. They will not find a milk obviously, but it can go through endless hours by making breastfeeding, and not being surprised if you get her sleep, while fake – breastfeeding you!



The best luncheon you can ever have is this sweet, deep, “good-for-the-go” that the cat does when he feels safe, confident and warm. If you scream on yourself, or every time you start caressing, you hear this unique melody, you know, your cat is just happy and in love with you.

It follows you everywhere in the house, even at the toilet!
The cat is not a dog. But if he follows you from room to room, he jumps where he finds to be near you, at your height, or even if he clings to your feet when you walk or climb stairs, then your cat enjoys you a lot!

If you do not have a cat, you should get one!!! But if you are a cat, surely you know that not all cats are for all people, like all the people are not for all cats … <3

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Lots of Love,