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The characteristics of a stylish women

Ok this is for real a discussion that all women would like to listen or to have. Well here is what i think about this matter that is called fashionable and stylish. Obviously in nowadays, there is a lot of talk about style and styling with thousands of aspiring fashion bloggers and instagramers treating themselves as influencers and trendsetters. But is it right, or not?

Below are some of the characteristics that a stylish women has, and does not need labels to confirm.

They don’t dress to be considered stylists.

They dress because they shouldn’t go out naked! And they dress the way that they feel and the way that they like! Style is their second nature. They want to be well-groomed, make their statement through the dress and consider the dress, not just a garment but a way to express how they feel at any given moment. And all this know-how is not done spontaneously but spontaneously, freely and above all correctly!

They are not fashionable.

When you know who you are and what you want, you know well and what’s right for you. A stylish woman has a point of view and criterion so she will not follow any trend without being able to support her because in her case it is the case that you should wear it and not wear it. She would listen to what other says to her to wear! It is your body and your personality, dress the way you like!

They are not obsessed with brands.

They know how to appreciate the expensive, they know the history of the “brand” world, they certainly have some excellent pieces of branded houses, yet they are not overwhelmed by “labels” when they make an appearance. They know how to make even a more economical outfit, look beautiful and stylish!

They are thoroughly careless.

The authentic style does not require sophistication. And that’s what stylish women know. They will never be rebuilt, never made. They usually opt for subtle makeup and almost sloppy hair because they know that less is more when it comes to style.

They look pretty everywhere.

They don’t have to go to expensive shops, huge shopping malls, or pop-up markets. They know that they can find the good, the right and the beauty everywhere, even in the bazaar. Something unique or straightforward that will still have an identity and help make the difference.

They do not copy-paste.

They certainly surf, get ideas, get inspired but by no means do they copy. They visit blogs, they follow fashion, they know trends, but in the end, they will be a source of copy and will not fall into the trap of deceiving a style that is foreign to them.

When it comes to style my dear this is what i believe: Be free, be simple, be unique, be you!