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Tel-Aviv in 48 hours!


I have never travelled abroad for less than three days. I believe that it is not worth it to start packing and then spend hours moving towards the airport and the hotel just for having two days of relaxation in a different country. And now, I realised that I was completely wrong! Last month, I decided with my sister and a friend to book a flight and visit Tel-Aviv in 48 hours!! That decision was so quick and my vacation, I could say, was express. 🙂 Tel – Aviv in 48 hours was amazing! Different culture, different people, different habits. It was lovely to travel to a non-European country and discover its tradition. Thus, my aim through this article is to give you some quick and practical tips on the occasion that you would decide to follow my idea and visit Tel-Aviv in 48 hours.


Tip no 1: You should be well-prepared and organised !!

People in Tel-Aviv have their weekend on Friday and Saturday, and thus, there are no city buses during the weekend. Consequently, transportation may be difficult on some occasions. However, there are two options for tourists. Firstly, you can find the sherut taxis (that means shared taxis) that are available within the city and are cheap; otherwise you can try buses with numbers 705, 706, 708 and 710 that run during the weekend through certain streets and are free of charge. Your last option should be the taxi of course, and especially taxis that can be ordered through the ‘gett‘ application and are cheaper than the regular street taxis.

Tip no2: Book your Airbnb early!

Airbnb is always the best choice for people who prefer to save money through their accommodation. Let’s be honest. When we are travelling, we need a safe place to leave our belongings and have a lovely place to sleep. So, it is valuable to find a lovely cosy flat through the Airbnb since the accommodation through a hotel might be three times more expensive. In our occasion, Airbnb worked well for us since our host was friendly, and he replied rapidly in our inquiries during our stay.

Tip no3: Visit the Information Centre!

We found it pretty useful when we visited the information centre, since, as foreigners, we obtained all the relevant information which made our trip comfortable. The staff there is friendly and helpful, and they can help you with all the sightseeing places that you desire to visit. There are lots of attractions for those who love learning about the history and culture of this city.

Tip no4: Tours and Sightseeing!

One of the ‘must’ places to visit is the Old City of Jaffa. It is a historical place next to the port with a lot of street artists, and the fantastic street graffiti surround the narrow alleys. At the Old City of Jaffa, you would see the Clock Tower, the Flea Market, the St. Peter’s Church and the port of Jaffa. The beach over there is fantastic. We loved walking by the sea. Moreover, I was impressed by the fact that people were doing activities over there like walking, joking, surfing, dancing, singing, etc., irrespective of the weather and time of the day.

Old Port of Jaffa

Thus, you can also visit the Tel – Aviv Marina. After having a delicious breakfast at the Aroma Cafe, which offers you also a sea view, you should have a photo shooting at the Instagram spot with the ‘Love TEL-AVIV’ sign.


Since I have mentioned the delicious breakfast that we had at Aroma cafe.

I should also say one of the most famous places for brunch at Tel Aviv, and that one is the Hotel Montefiore. The brunch there is as amazing as the decoration of the hotel.

at Montefiore Hotel

I am pretty sure that there is no other way to learn a city than to watch the city from above. Tel – Aviv offers this opportunity through the air-balloon. I finally had the change to experience the feeling of being in an air-balloon and watching the view from above. It is one experience that I insist you should do at least once in your life. TLV Balloon offers this service, and it is advisable to book your tickets online and benefited from the online discount.


Thus, Tel-Aviv offers excellent tour deals for visiting Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, that can be booked either online or at the information centre. We had the chance to visit Jerusalem, and I insist that there is no proper vacation in Tel-Aviv without visiting Jerusalem. This city is so different that you may consider it as a different destination.

Tip no 5: Eat – Drink – Dance!

For those who love shopping, you should try the Carmel Market that is a traditional bazaar, and for those who love clubbing and beautiful restaurants, you should try some places at Dizengoff Square. The traditional food, like shakshuka and falafel, at Pan’a Poo, was delicious. I loved this place! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about the nightlife, Kuli-Alma, Imperial Cocktail Bar and Bellboy bar are the most famous night clubs offering a variety of drinks and guaranteeing that you should experience the nightlife of Tel-Aviv properly.

As you can realise, my friends and I had the best choice to visit Tel-Aviv in 48 hours. It was an express trip, as I call it, and i enjoyed it! In the case that you are wondering if you should visit Tel-Aviv soon, the answer is ‘You Should’!