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Stress, go away now!


Unfortunately, it is a common thing, for everybody to feel stressful, with or without reason, at any time during the day. I believe that stress is so dangerous that it may cause health as well as psychological problems that will result in subsequent general failure in our life. Do not let yourself being worried and stressed for anything that at the end of the day is unimportant. Everything is possible to be tackled in the best possible way. Just free yourself, take a breath and think about how to relieve your stress and tackle any obstacle in your life. However, in the case that you keep trying without finding out a way to alleviate your anxiety, I will let you know what I am doing to relieve my stress.

Engage exercising into your daily routine: I recommend that the best way to relieve stress is to start exercising. Let’s discover what may be of your interest to do in your free time. What about dancing, playing basketball, go swimming, going to the gym or even just walking by the sea? Find out a hobby that you would like to do at least two-three times per week. Whatever you would choose, make sure that it will be something that will give pleasure to your life. This is a great way to forget anything that may bother you and keep your mind peaceful.

Yes or No? – Say No: I consider from my habits; there are a lot of people who never say “no” to their friends, fellow workers or their family members etc. This is a bad habit that I am also adopting, and I am trying my best to change it. We cannot say yes to everybody whatever they ask from us. We cannot satisfy the needs of all our friends. You do not want to meet a friend because you want to stay home and relax? Do it! Just be kind and say, ‘My friend I am so sorry, but I do not desire to go for a coffee today, I just need to relax a little bit’. Do not stress of trying to have a schedule for everybody. Try to do what you like to do and not what you “must” do to satisfy everybody. 

No more bad influence!: I was seventeen years old, and I had to study for my final examination before my entry at the university, my teacher gave us the best advice that we could have. He said ‘this is an important period of your life that will determine your subsequent life, try to throw away from your life anybody and anything that may bother you and it will be a bad influence on your dreams’. We should, finally, realise and understand that not everybody wants us to be happy — there a lot of people with a negative attitude. I am pretty sure that everyone has a friend who will always say something negative about our beliefs and actions. Maybe this is not something that they intentionally do; however, we are not obliged to hear their negative responses in every step of our life. They can keep their negative thoughts for their selves 😊 We can still be friends, but not share the same ideas. This is so simple! 

Positivity is the remedy!: No negative thoughts, please. Avoid saying bad and negative words from your vocabulary. Try to find out the unique aspect of life. Instead of saying bad things for any occasion or any other person, try to say that one positive element of this instead of saying ten negatives. I would suggest before going to bed at night, think of one thing that you are grateful about. Something for which you feel proud or happy of your day. Maybe it is something that would sound unimportant, but in the end, it would be unique. This is how you would wake up the next day and smile. Let’s think of the rainbow that appears after the storm and not think of the storm itself.