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Squats Exercise


You dream of tight, well-groomed and healthy buttocks. In this case, it is possible not to have squatted in any form in your training! And this is because the “seats” as we could translate into Greek squats are the “king” of the buttocks exercises.

Find out why…

It takes effort but also way from the whole body.

Although we have become accustomed to exercising our parts of the body, we have at times, said that there is nothing better than combined exercises. That is, those that require the participation of more than one muscle group. And with squats, this is achieved as 60% of the body takes part in such a magical but straightforward move. Quadriceps, biceps, buttocks, back, abdomen, abdomen work together so that exercise is done correctly.

This is a natural move.

The so-called “seat” we do every day, is a natural functional movement, and it helps as the body does something familiar without the risk of injuries. Not that there is not the necessary technique required, but it certainly is not a move against the nature of the female body.

It is a great aerobic exercise.

We have learned to combine aerobics with anything that requires “punching” or speed. And yet squats are aerobic exercise and even the most effective. It can be static when you do the practice, but if you have tried it once, you can confirm that it is one of those exercises that not only makes you gasp but reaches the point of burning and practising and … they shout!

 Burns fat!

In addition to the above it also contributes to the activation of growth hormone which in turn activates the burning of fat! And when you get into the process of fat-soluble it doesn’t just last for exercise but for the whole day.

“Seats” are usually made with a bar behind the neck, but there are several variants, such as those with dumbbells, or even no weight at all aimed at either beginners or more vulnerable groups of trainees. In any case before joining your program, ask a specialist to show you the required technique, as it may seem very simple, but you should certainly learn to do it right for your safety and the best possible outcome.