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Our Planet is getting lost


This is the latest research done by the World Fund for Nature entitled ”Living Planet” according to
which 60% of the world’s wildlife population has been destroyed in just 40 years.

The numbers speak for themselves, and they sound the alarm…

Mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish have fallen by more than half from 1970 to 2014.

The worst situation is in the Caribbean and Latin America, with 63% of the wildlife population being lost. North America and Greenland have the best picture, while Europe has a loss of 31%.

The main reasons for this global wound are the loss and destruction of the natural environment, agriculture, urbanization, and fishing.

The WVF underlines the urgent need to create and implement a global agreement in line with the
Paris climate agreement, and states that our generation is the first to destroy the climate but also
the last one to do something to overturn the data.

Do you have a social awareness? Do you care about our planet and the living life on it?
NOW it is your time to do something! I know that you might say.’’ One person won’t make any
difference’’, well it will! Don’t care about what others think or believe if you are an animal lover, an
environment lover now it is the time where the planet asks for HELP!

Make the change….
Make the difference…
Make this world better….
I will try because I love the world <3


Lots of Love,