Imagine & Fly

My Skydiving Experience!


After three years of imagination, I finally did it!!!! And I can share with you my skydiving experience!!! I am so excited about my last goal, and I will try to convey to you my feelings, my experience, my dream!

As you can realise, I am a person who loves to colour my life by accomplishing some “goals” and experience new things in my life. Even by visiting a dream place that I would always want to visit, it is an experience for me. Thus, I still find myself trying to discover new activities that should be extremely interesting and memorable.  Every year I am trying to focus on my goals to make sure that I enjoy my life as I want to. And for this year, my skydiving experience was a must challenge. Skydiving was a dream for me, not because I wanted to overcome my fears, but because I wanted to feel this unique feeling of being free. Am I free? Yes, and this is just a simple phrase but with a definite meaning.

Well, now it is the time to explain you step by step my skydiving experience. Firstly, I took that decision to book my slot with the Cyprus Parachute Association. It is essential to make sure that you desire to do it. I was lucky to have a friend who is passionate about skydiving, and he has the relevant expertise to exercise it for the last ten years. So, I was not afraid to ask him any question and remember that there is no silly question. The second step is to …… drive over there 🙂 Once I went there, the instructors provided me with the relevant 20 minutes training. It is essential to be focused on this training since you will understand the importance of your tandem, how it works, what position you should take, how you should behave, how you will communicate with your instructor during the skydiving etc. Do not forget that; it is a matter of safety! This is why you need to know all the vital information about your tandem. So what is next after the training?? The preparation!



Although it was a long time waiting, in the meantime, I never felt afraid or regretful. Never! I was relaxing until to start preparing for my tandem. The preparation is all about the jumpsuit and the equipment that you need to wear, in connection with your instructor, who will be with you during this journey. Even this jumpsuit is lovely and gives you the essence of doing something special. That moment is when I realised that I would jump! My magic dream began with my preparation. You can understand it from my smiling and delighted face on my photos and video 🙂 (you can watch a sample of my video here ) What I forgot to say is that each trainee has his photographer. Yes, I had one photographer to shooting only me, what else shall I need 🙂 



After that, we entered the plane. Fourteen people and I was the last one jumping. On the 13500 feet, the door opened, and I saw everybody, within seconds, to jump!! WOW! I was surprised by their expressions. Even the instructors were so happy and excited in the same way as someone was on his first tandem. I was impressed by the fact that people love skydiving without having any fears that they jump from a plane.  And yes, now it is my turn. Walking next to the door, sit on the edge of the aircraft and without realising it, I was jumping! Yes, I did it!! My skydiving experience became a reality! I always thought that I would have second thoughts when I would stay at the door; however, I felt even more excited about it! I could not believe that I was outside the plane and just flying. That moment was fantastic and so magical. I was flying and enjoying my moment on the blue sky. There were no thoughts on my mind, just feeling free and relaxing my memory by looking around my beautiful island from above.


Some people would say if you want it, do it now! Most of the times, I found myself of preparing or postponing something that I desire to do it; however, I know that I will do it by having a strict deadline on my mind. I can confess that I am proud of myself. I dreamed it for about three years, and now I can describe you my skydiving experience, and this is an achievement for me.

My advice to you is that if you dream about something and you desire to do it, do it! There is no fear, no second thoughts, do it! This is how you will feel satisfied with your life and the way that you are taking advantage of your days. We live in an exciting world full of opportunities, so find what suits best for you and make it happen. Be who you want and live a life where you can recite to your children all your memories 🙂