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My Lovely Cats – This post is only for Cat Lovers!

Dear Friends,

I would like to express and share my experience, passion, feelings, thoughts and of course the love that i have for my cats with you! Enjoy below the reading and pics 🙂

Are you a crazy cat lover? Then definitely we could be the best friends! Are you thinking of buy or adopt? Whatever you choose you need to be sure that you will have the time, the love, the patient and the space for a cat!

He/she can go everywhere, anywhere and anytime!


“Just love cats.”


But whatever makes to you, you have to still continue loving them… because they love you as well, and their love is unconditional! Finally i want to say a big THANK YOU to Avra and Ramzes, my cats, for always being next to me, loving me, and supports me with their own way in happy days or bad days.

Whenever you need it their small paw will be next to you for the rest of their live because they are reliable to you!Did you ever feel the way that they are looking at you? Their mewing doesn’t sound like real words on you sometimes?

Believe me they always understand everything and they feel everything…They love you, you are their support in everything.

My loves i Believe in you, and i love you <3
Thank you for being all those years next to me…And i am sure that a lot of memories are waiting for us.!!!
LeoniDim xx