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My favorite European countries for each season

Every season has its own beauties, that’s what i believe. Of course some people prefer some summer, or spring or winter etc. What is your favorite season? And why? Well I will tell you my point of view…

I love all four seasons but in different countries. So, i wouldn’t say that i like summer in Ireland or UK for example as there is no real summer there and there is nothing really to do. But, i can say that i love summer in Greece. Why? I will give you now a few reasons to consider as well as i will share with you which are my favorite European countries in a specific season…

To start with, winter is wonderful and magic in Austria – Vienna. I have been to Vienna 3-4 years ago on Christmas time and i can say only one thing…it was awesome!!! Whenever you look it reminds you a fairy tale and it is like you are actually living a fairy tale. There is castles everywhere and so many things to do. You can go to an opera, or to a theater or to a musical or in a nice restaurant and so more. Vienna is brilliant and so beautiful especially when is Christmas time. There are so many huge Christmas Markets where there is games, food, drinks and etc. All i can say is that it is highly recommended destination for Christmas especially and for all kind of people like families, couples or friends.


Moving on spring time is everything so peaceful and beautiful and the flowers are everywhere and you just want to relax somewhere and have a nice time rolling around. This place for me is Amsterdam – 5

I have been there few months ago which wasn’t really spring it was summer time but again it was so beautiful! I love their canals, their flower pots in each side of the road and their small cute streets where you can walk through…amsterdam 4

I had great time in Amsterdam and i had also realized that people had the same attitude. They where very smiley, happy, helpful and relaxed.


I really enjoyed my time there and i would definitely go again in the future. Thanks Amsterdam it has been a pleasure 🙂









Following on to Summer…Where else is better than a country where you can enjoy the sun, the beach, the ice cream and the nice weather? There is no better place to be…and this is Greece!greece

You can go for swimming at the beautiful Mediterranean Sea or you can go for a historical tour around the country. Greece is full of history and museums where you can spend nicely your time. Also, the food is just perfect! You can find anything and everywhere, Pasta, fish, meat, Lebanese and so more with great cheap prices as well! I think Greece is the best destination for summer for families especially and couples.

Greece 2  Also, nightlife in Greece is so crazy!! You can go to a night club and have a wonderful tome for couple of hours.

Finally, autumn…my favorite season! I love autumn i think because i love the country where i live in…and this is Ireland – Dublin We have another post in this blog about Dublin so you have already seen that there is so many things that you can do. But, in my opinion Ireland is not the cities, Ireland is the outside country life. Which is so beautiful and amazing…I am so impressed every autumn where the leaves are getting this gorgeous orange-gold color and the smell of the wind it reminds you autumn. I have to say that i have never seen such a nice autumn in another country and i am totally in love. leoniI really enjoy going for long walks in the parks next to the river and it is my way of motivation and relaxation. I highly recommend Ireland to be visited in autumn time. And here is some personal picture just to give you an idea…:P 





I hope that i gave you an idea of some beautiful European countries that you can visit regarding the season that you will choose. That is always my personal opinion so i would love to know your opinion as well. Drop down and there is our comments column and give us your thoughts!

Lots of love,