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Must do in Dublin

must do in dublin

Ready, GO… Must do in Dublin!


Are you traveling to Dublin? Are you a student? Young couple or moved recently to Dublin? This to do list is for everyone, couples, families, travellers and locals. I will share with you the Must do in Dublin, activities, attractions, parks and most importantly, my favourite restaurant for brunch.

Ireland is a beautiful country with lovely parks, impressive castles and much more. I love to share my positive experiences and therefore I am writing this short list. I could write 100 more places about Ireland but let’s keep it simple for today J


Enough talking, let’s check the list that you Must DO in Dublin.


Sophie’s restaurant

Oh Yes, before you start your day you need energy. I can assure you that Sophie’s restaurant offers one of the best Brunches in Dublin. It is located at the top floor of “THE DEAN” boutique hotel, just 5 minutes walk from Stephens green park. Very professional service with amazing view and unique interior design. Every time I am trying something new and all the bruch options are delightful, wonderful in taste, colours and aroma with Sophie’s signature.

sophies restaurant

phoenix park
Phoenix Park

Located just a few kilometers from Dublin city center, it is the largest urban park in Europe. At Phoenix Park you can visit the Dublin Zoo, the Papal Cross, the President’s residence, colorful gardens and much much more. The main reason for visiting the park regularly is because of the deer. You can walk next to the deer or take funny pictures, they are so friendly! If you are friendly too of course.


Guinness storehouse

It is not possible to skip the Guinness storehouse. You might say, it’s just a brand. Yes it’s a brand with history and value. You can learn so many things from the tour and taste different beers like the foreign extra stout, West indies porter, Hophouse 13 and more. A souvenir shop is waiting for you at the end of the tour.

Outdoor Adventures Courtlough

Do you like adventure? This park is for you and your friends. I have visited the Courtlough adventure park with my friends and we have had a lot of fun. The Adventure tower is a MUST activity, more high more adrenaline. High Climbing, Zip line and different exercises with robes are included in the game. It is very essential to note that you can trust the trainers, they are very friendly and helpful.


Themple Bar

Temple bar

In the heart of Dublin, nearby the River Liffey you will find the famous Temple bar area. As you can understand there are many Irish pubs with traditional live music and specifically the “Temple Bar” one oldest bars in Dublin.  In the same area you will find the Irish Film institute, hotels, tattoo studios and small galleries. The perfect spot to have fun!


That’s all, I hope you will have fun and enjoy every moment! Write your comments below and let me know what other suggestions you’ve got.