Hello everybody, its Maria 🙂      MariaPap

A Cypriot girl raised in Limassol, a beautiful city. I was raised in this amazing and lovely island, and I left for some years to study law in the United Kingdom. My student life was tremendous since I met people from all over the world and I experienced with them their unique traditional habits. That’s pretty awesome!!

Well, I am a lawyer with a unique passion for theatre and travelling. Yeah, I love playing theatre, and I love travelling as well. Although I am not a professional actress, since my childhood I attend theatre lessons and I participate in theatre performances with the ultimate goal to leave aside my real personal life and create different personalities through which my audience will find some similarities with each specific character. Concerning my keen interest in travelling, I genuinely like to explore new destinations, to understand each different culture, to meet a variety of unique traditional habits and to get in touch with people. Thus, I am purporting to collect as many memories as I can to improve my daily life, my personality and my way of thinking.

I always remember myself of being an active and energetic person. I perpetually try to improve my personality by being in different kind of teams through which I achieved to build my teamwork skills. I used to play basketball and now, guess what, I became part of a dancing team. It is a great feeling to know that you can work with other people to achieve a common goal. According to the ancient Greeks, ‘a healthy mind needs a healthy body’. So, I love anything that is engaging with the well-being and the healthy way of living.

The last thing that you should know about me is that I feel that each person can dispose some free time for himself to relax his mind, but I cannot believe of being alone without spending valuable time with my people. It is essential to be surrounded by people that you love and you can share your moments. It’s all about how I balance my interests and enrich the story of my life by creating amazing memories. I love living my life to the fullest and never regret what I did. Each action is a new experience through which I can learn and build my character. In this blog, I will take the opportunity to share with you anything that is related to the above matters, and I hope to inspire you on how to become brave and follow your dreams.