Hello Loves!Leoni Dimitriou

I’ m LeoniDim,

Creator and founder of Imagination-Fly.com.

An artist, writer, adventurous and a very active person, ready and dedicated to help, learn and inspire you through a very beautiful and unforgettable journey full of imagination!

I am born and raised in the beautiful city of Limassol in Cyprus, known as the Aphordite’s island. I am a dreamer and very passionate. When i was younger i always wanted to find a way to express my feeling and thoughts into words to the world. Now it is my time to do it through this blog in order to achieve an audience where together we can feel, act and write our experiences, opinions, thoughts and share various moments from each other.

My favorite quote is:

”Love yourself more than anything else and you will succeed’

I am a crazy animal lover and I am currently live my dream life in Dublin the capital of beautiful Republic of Ireland with my hubby and my two playful cats, Avra & Ramzes.

As long as I can remember myself, I’ve always being curious about humans and animals, about their wellness and their way of living. I am trying to understand different attitudes in order to shape mine as well. I realize that some important factors for human being to be happy and successful instead of a good job and a loving family is to travel, to try new things, to live without limits, to meditate and offer unconditional love.

I used to be in a scouts organization and involved in a lot of volunteering activities and hobbies and i have learned that we only live once and we need to achieve the highest living standards. Through this blog we will talk about true stories, motivation and meditation techniques, about  traveling, lifestyle and anything else that you might need to discuss or you are interested for.

Feel free always to contact me in order to ask or discuss anything and anytime.