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How to organise the perfect Picnic Day


Autumn is here, but some people still miss their summer memories while they were lying under the hot sun and they were looking at the sea. Well, I know that there are not so many sunny days anymore and especially for those who live abroad. However, why you do not take advantage of that some precious sunny days that will come over during the autumn period? In the case that you want to follow this rule, then I have an excellent plan for you that you should not miss:) 

In this article, I am going to help you to organise the perfect picnic day that you can imagine following my own experience as a student. Primarily, for students in the United Kingdom, who have to follow their demanding schedule and they truly need some free time to relax and breath, I suggest that you should exploit every moment in your life and take full advantage of all these fantastic things that the United Kingdom may offer you. Do not trust people who would say that United Kingdom has no special places. That is not the case. You just need to IMAGINE and… FLY !! 😉 

As a student in the United Kingdom, I used to have friends from different countries. That is how I socialised, and I organised a lot of kind of trips and activities to get in touch with my friends and create unforgettable moments. So, one day we decided to arrange a picnic day at Bradgate Park in Leicester, a fantastic public place where a lot of activities and events are taking place over the years.

Once you check the weather and realise that it is going to be a lovely sunny Sunday, you can invite some friends, create a plan and share your responsibilities. Well, in our case, my friend Rafaella and I from Cyprus decided to prepare chicken bread meals for all of us, while our friend Chloride from China prepared some Chinese meals and sweets. Through that, we could try and taste different types of delicious food.


Then, my friend Lee from Kenya was responsible for bringing both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks so everybody would be satisfied with an option. 



Additionally, who wants to organise a picnic day without having some music? Nobody of course. So, my friend Ahmed from Kuwait undertook to bring a Bluetooth radio for music and games in order to arrange our activities after the lunch time. At last, a picnic day is not complete without deciding who is going to be the photographer to capture your moments. In our day, the photographers were Ahmed and Lee since they love grabbing their excellent cameras and capture each moment to become a nostalgic memory. 


Bradgate Park is a fantastic place for photo shooting. You can walk next to the deers……


the river….. 


you can explore the Bradgate House, and you can walk through the valley up until the hilltop of Old John. 



That escape is always going to be unforgettable. What I enjoyed most that day is the fact that five people with four different nationalities achieved to spend a valuable and enjoyable day with each other. People from different countries and with different habits but they can still have a great memory together. I cannot imagine myself of living a normal demanding life without doing extreme and unusual activities. I always love the idea of organising weekend escapes with my friends while I was a student and I honestly suggest it to all of you. I am glad for studying in the United Kingdom because I had the opportunity to get in touch with people from all over the world and share the best moments of my life with them.