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How i manage to love myself

love myself 2

And the question here is… Do I finally love myself?

I am very proud, and I have to say that YES I do love myself. Why? I will state a few reasons below, and you can have a look. Make sure that you follow those steps as well :p

I never lose the essence of my goal.

There will be times where you do not always achieve the things you want in regards to the plan you had from the beginning. There are also these extrinsic factors that cannot be predicted or overturned when they appear, which can make you off the road.

The secret here is to adjust it! Examine the new data and create a brand-new plan, always focusing on the final destination, and be faithful!

I always have faith in myself.

I have faith in myself does not mean that I am arrogant, nor do I see myself in the magnifying mirror. I believe in myself means; I have faith in my values, my initials, my dreams and my beliefs. I respect them, I defend them, and I know that the answers to what concerns me are only within me. I am determined and ready to face anything! I can give time to myself so that I can see what I have to do, and when. Very often I feel proud for myself and for what I have achieved until now.

I’m strong and powerful.

I have confidence in the flow of deeds. I’m not afraid of the changes; I see the opportunities behind the indiscretions, I see the lessons behind the experiences, I see the backgrounds behind the events. I tried not to be melancholy with life, but to stay happy and calm and blessed of what life has given to me so far. Life brings everything in front of you. I never use my inner strength and energy to hurt anyone or to do evil. I just let life to do its work, I do not go back to corruption, I do not punish, I do not issue, I know that before we leave, we all have to pay what we owe.

I watch my thoughts

Because I know well that my thoughts will become an action, and they define me, I can recognize myself that it is inevitable. Also, that my mind and some negative snapshots are unavoidable, but as I do, I notice and let go, knowing that I only want the good for myself.

I accept myself, and I am facing my fears

I do not always succeed because like everyone, I have my “bad” days. But I recognize my goodness, I realize my bad, I decide what I want to change, and I have in mind the image of myself that I want to be. Many believe I am not afraid of anything, but this is, of course, no true! I’m afraid! I am a human being! I just do not let this fear act suppressively or prevent me from acting. I always make sure to turn fear into challenge and doubt or challenge to creativity.

I don’t take everything personally… anymore

We cannot fit with everyone. Ans there will always be people that won’t like us, even with no reason. It is the aura! We will only be closer to those that match common sense. I am not trying to change a person’s view of me anymore (but I used to…) because that is more defined by his own beliefs and projections than by my actions and words. If one does not understand my autonomy, and I keep distances.

And finally, I crash with myself.

Yes, I do dialogue, and often with tension. I’m critical but not cancelling, I’m angry with myself, but I notice what it does to get out of my clothes and keep it. A lot of times I will recognize that frustration is it a part of the plan and part of life…

It is not easy sometimes to love yourself but try more to achieve this. Then you will see that everything will be better. Just love yourself, and you will be able to enjoy others too…


Lots of love,