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Hello Mr. Popeye


Hello, my readers,

I know that I got lost for a while, but I am back and ready to share with you my recent experience in Malta and especially to the Popeye Village! What? Do you not know what the Popeye Village is? That is unbelievable, especially for people who loved reading comics and watching movies during the 20th century.  Well, for those who do not know who Mr Popeye is, he is a sailorman, a fictional character created by Elzie Crisler Segar and for many years he was the main character in comic books, television cartoon shows, theatre shows and movies.

My co-writer, LeoniDim had already given you a taste of Malta in this blog. However, this article will show you a different perceptive of a day in Malta through experiencing the fairytale of Popeye. Through that, you can realise that different people can approach and experience a trip differently. The reason that I am focusing only in the Popeye Village is that I desire to propose you something extremely different from any traditional bars restaurants and sightseeing places in order to have a unique memory irrespective of your age.

Firstly, I need to explain you that the Popeye Village is located in Il-Mellieħa in Malta and the preferable transportation to reach your destination is by taxi since the bus runs every one hour, and this is going to make your trip uncomfortable. Also, the entrance ticket price starts from €10.50 for adults and  €8.50 for children (3-12yrs) and pensioners. This ticket includes extra activities like animation show, the comic museum, a boat trip, free Popeye punch and free postcard etc. It is necessary to know that this marvellous village is the place where the Popeye movie was shot in the 1980s’ and now it is a place of adventure where children can learn about the life of Popeye and where adults can become children again and remember their childhood memories. popeye3

As you can see below, Popeye Village is a magical place with a lot of colourful small houses. Each little house is a different location; for example, there is a post office, a comic museum, a nautical school, the Olive’s house and the boxing ring etc. So each home has its decoration and its own story.





It is essential to follow the Popeye Village map to make sure that you visited all the places without missing any. Let me mention that the weather in Malta it is not always expected and although it was raining during my visit to the Popeye village, this never prevented me from loving this place and having fun.

The Popeye Village is not a proper village if the Popeye and the other main characters are not there. And have a look in these photos.


I met and said hey to Popeye, Olive Oyl (Popeye’s love) and Bluto (who is continuously fighting against Popeye for the love of Olive Oyl). One of the best parts of this visit was the fact that we had the opportunity to watch live a theatre scene with the main actors of the Popeye movie. Moreover, you should not miss the boat trip that is offering with your ticket.

After visiting all these impressive small houses and taking a lot of photos, it is a must to have a proper lunch at the Popeye Village. This considerable burger was utterly delicious, and it costs only €12. popeye food

In the case that you believe that a hot and unbelievable burger is the end of this adventure, you are mistaken. The purpose of this adventure is the sunset view above the village. It is a magical scene that should not be missed by anyone who would visit this place. It is the perfect point for photo shooting and just relaxing your mind from this demanding adventure. 


At last, I hope that you have created a complete idea of the Popeye Village and to include it in your destination list because it is worth it. I am glad to hear any of your thoughts and questions at any time 🙂