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Fit or not ?

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There is something more difficult than the decision to get into a fitness program… Staying on it! That’s why many people leave the effort … The most significant incentive to remain true to your decision to exercise is to have motivation!

Now, if the decision to get into the fitness world is conscious, and you want to do the fitness lifestyle, things will be a bit easier for you. In any case though Do Not give up, So listen what you have to do to stay there AND TRY YOUR BEST. I know it is hard. Sometimes we get bored, and sometimes we are too tired to go to the gym, sometimes we don’t want to! This is totally understandable, and it will happen sometimes, but the key is to keep up the good work and keep going even the next day.

I am not the person who loves the gym or any exercise in general. I hate it actually, and I felt so bored and forced to go most of the times, but when you get into a healthy lifestyle, then everything is much better. Not only for your figure and body but also your health, and that’s the main thing!

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For some of you may be a personal trainer is the best idea cause he will have to think about you what to do to be fit. If you can not do this, then find a friend and join together! Always when you have someone, or you feel support, it is much more comfortable.

Another solution is to go outdoors: It’s true that the closed-door gym can somehow tire you. If so, it’s time to get out! Especially when the weather is good, go out and run, walk or take a bicycle. There, around dusk, the hours are so lovely and sweet that workout becomes enjoyment.

One more tip. Make a nice music list on your phone. There is nothing more important and necessary to exercise than good music. Music always motivates us and gives us energy and rhythm for better exercise. Find tracks that you like, pretending to act, inspire and inspire you. Listen to your moment with the help of music and imagine you are something great and unique.

Of course, a new outfit will bring your body up to date, or wear something forgotten in the wardrobe because you were small. That will help!


Finally, if you care about your diet, your reward may well be eating. You can spend one day within the week to eat as if there is no tomorrow! To eat as much as you want! Do It! Again it will help!

Lots of love,