My favorite YouTube channels


Hello guys,

Today i found it cool to share with you my 5 most favorite YouTube channels and i ll tell you why!

In general i am a very big fun of YouTube. I cannot imagine myself not sitting at least 1 -2 hours per day and exploring new channels or follow new videos of my favorite YouTubers. Those people are really inspire me and make me feel better but also for me it works really as a fun time and very relaxing time as well. Few months ago i thought that it could be a good idea to set up a YouTube channel on my own and i am trying to thing how this will be possible and what i shall include. Who knows maybe on my next “Favorite YouTube channels” i will include mine as well :p

For now lets get started and let me introduce you my favorite ones.

  1. NikkieTutorials


Hello Nikkie Hello! A YouTuber full of inspiration and a lot of creativity tools! I really love her and admire her! She is so cool and beautiful and she knows exactly what she is doing! It is a channel full of makeup tutorials and really good tips on how you need to treat your skin and how you can take care of it! You are amazing Nikkie keep going, we love you!


2. James Charles

James Charles

Hey Sisters!!! James is a really energetic person with an incredible skills in makeup tutorials. He is a makeup artist as well. The most important thing that i find out about this YouTuber and about this channel is that he has so much energy he speaks loud and very fast which he keeps you awake and make you be fully concentrate on what he is saying! I love the way he is and the way he talks as well as he has a lot of different ideas on his video including very important people of his life and with that way he makes us understand that he is heart is very pure and authentic.


3. Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins channel it is a channel of lifestyle and beauty tips. A really good and respective channel where you guys can find out a lot of daily lifestyle tips. Not only a beauty ones but also a fun videos, fashion videos, lifestyle videos, beauty tutorials and much more!


4. Sissy Christidou

Sissy Christidou

As a Greek – Cypriot i couldn’t not include MY FAVORITE Greek YouTuber, Sissy Christidou. What can i say about this wonderful person. I just love her so much! She is a mum, she is a business women, a YouTuber, A public figure, fashion icon and much much more. She is first of all very loving and unique person full of love and you can understand this guys if you sit and watch out her videos. She is a Vlogger, she is doing tutorial videos, fun videos and lifestyle videos. As she says this channel is her girly – mummy planet, full of simple but overwhelmed things! She is just amazing and we love her! Thank you for your videos Sissy. “Many kisses and we love you exactly as the way you are”.


5. Tasty


What to say about Tasty! Are you a mamma? A boy or a girl but you love cooking as i do? This is the best channel for you! A YouTube channel full of recipes, easy, hard, 3 ingredients or more, dinner or lunch. It is a channel full of videos about food that they make you close your eyes, lean back, and whisper “yessss.” Snack-sized videos and recipes you all want to try. Really easy and really good one! I always use this channel on a daily basis. Also, if it is more convenient, you can try out their mobile application which is awesome as well!


Right guys these are my favorite YouTube channels that i follow for a long time now and i will not change it for sure! Check them out and give them a try! You won’t regret it believe me!


P.S I will really appreciate it if you guys live a comment below of your Favorite YouTube channels.


LeoniDim xx