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Face Mask: The best 5 moments to use it

Face mask2

I know sometimes it’s hard to get committed and do your face masks as regularly as appropriate. For this reason today i am going to share the best 5 moments to use your face mask during the day.

First of all, do not limit your face mask just in the bathroom! There are many opportunities during the day to nourish your skin, enhance its radiance and rejuvenate your pores. See below the best 5 moments to use it and at the same time to be doing something else.

1. When you make your nails

After a tiring day at work or on the weekend, take care of yourself you with a moisturizing, cool face mask with Minerals. I always fins Sundays perfect days to be doing all of my pampering at home. With this way i get ready for another difficult week!

2. While watching TV

Join Netflix and, while the mask of hydration and soothing with Minerals works its miracle, watch your favorite TV show. You are simply getting 2 in 1 things done!

3. When you do housework

Homework is not fun, but it is inevitable. Clean the floor and at the same time, your resources with a mask to clean and tighten the pores. 

4. When preparing for a party

While deciding what to wear, make sure that your skin will be as radiant as the rest of your appearance with a Double Shine mask and Exfoliation. Preparing for a party it usually gets more than an hour so it is a great time to have your face mask on as well.

5. While on the plane

A flight in which your skin is likely to become dehydrated can be the perfect opportunity to use a face mask. Relax and browse your travel guide while your masks work their miracle.

I hope you like this post guys and i hope that is going to be useful.