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Dublin Meet Up

dublin meet up.

Hello beautiful people!

This is the first co-writing here at and guess from who?
Of course from us! LeoniDim and MariaPap!

dublion meet up

This is our first Meet Up in Dublin, Ireland! I guess that this is the time to reveal that we are not only co-writers or friends but we are also family members and we have decided to organise an incredibly beautiful trip here in Ireland, at Leoni’s base while Maria’s base is in the beautiful Island of Cyprus. So, we thought that it will be a great idea to organise this trip and that it would turn into a memorable one… Are you ready to discover what we did during our vacation in Ireland?

Well, a trip is not a proper trip if you don’t have the best company with you. In this vacation, we were lucky to have with us our family and friends. Yes, right, it wasn’t just the two of us! We had a big dream team combined from Vasilis (Leoni’s husband and Maria’s brother), Andria (Vasilis and Maria’s sister) and our good friend Peris (who currently lives in Dublin as well). We all together decided how to organise this trip and our Dublin Meet Up. We have to state that it is a great feeling to spend your holidays with your beloved ones and this is how you can create unforgettable memories and strong relationships.


That ten days’ vacation began from Dublin, the capital of Ireland, a place where you can have a variety of things to do such as a sightseeing tour, museum visits, walking into parks, and a relaxation moment if you wish. We could never imagine that Dublin is a place with such an amazing daily life. The people in Dublin are extremely kind, gentle and they are always willing to provide you with any assistance when you need it. We were impressed by the fact that people possess a positive attitude and they do not spread any negative feelings to their fellow mates, that’s why they seem to be so lucky!

Moreover, not only the attitude culture but also the sightseeing aspect of Dublin is fantastic! Our first stop was the National Art Museum in Dublin. What we truly loved was the fabulous gardens that surround the museum and creates a feeling of being on a fairy tale. Of course, we’ve to spend a lot of hours for our photo shooting where you can have a look below 😊. Maria jumpjumping memorial park

 After that, we chose to learn more about the history of Dublin and especially the dark life that the prisoners had to experience some years ago. So, we’ve visited the Kilmainham Gaol Museum. Once you see that building, you will imagine that you will visit a sightseeing place. However, once you go inside and you learn about the daily life of the prisoner’s hundreds of years ago, then the atmosphere turns to a mysterious one where you cannot imagine yourself of experiencing one day of your life there. dublin20We are pretty sure that you all realise our attitudes by the different and artistic way of our writing and of course our interests. Leoni who is a crazy animal lover decided to organise a day trip to Dublin Zoo, and it was a fantastic idea!! Dublin Zoo is a must and one of the best Zoo Park in Europe! It was an adventurous place, where you can spend nicely your day, no matter whether you are an adult or a child.

dublin zoo

Also, in Dublin Zoo, you can see different species of wild animals as well as you can have a rest in one of the small cute kiosks that were located inside the Zoo. The environment there is stunning, full of green, parks and education games, and also the animals seem to be happy as they have a massive amount of spaces to run in ‘’free’’. zoo2zoo33

Once you have visited the Dublin Zoo, we insist that you should go for a walk at Phoenix Park, which is one of the largest parks in Europe. Phoenix Park is a great place to relax, to have a proper picnic day and activities such as the beautiful free deer’s feeding that live there. dublin deersdeerzs deerrAnother park that is worth to have a walk there, especially when the landscape is blooming, is the War Memorial Park. dublin2dublin3

Thus, when five crazy Cypriots are having a great time in Ireland, they should always organise full day-trips. In that occasion, our first-day trip was in the Wicklow Mountains. We truly loved this place. The driving until county Wicklow was fantastic and you can view a sorcerous landscape and a magical scenery which is like a fairy tale. A fairy tale full of mountains, lakes and unusual trees, and it looks as a fictitious one. dublin19dublin16dublin15

Oh, we should not forget to mention that we have been to the place where the P.S. I Love You film, shot the kissing scene. Having a photo over this small bridge is nice. dublin8

We have to state also that the famous Guinness Lake, was only some kilometres away, so there was no chance not to go. For historical purposes and for those that might don’t know Guinness Lake where the house of Arthur Guinnessdublin7dublin12dublin11 Since we are talking about Guinness Lake, we should not forget to share with you our experience at Guinness Storehouse – Museum. If you are visiting Ireland, you should visit the Guinness Storehouse and learn the whole history and the process of Guinness Beer.

Do you remember when we said, the crazy Cypriots before? Can you imagine which one of our favourite days was? ………. It was St. Patrick’s Day!!! We still remember Vasilis’s face while watching us buying our crazy hats and having our face paintings to get in the mood of the Parade Day. He thought we are, but we just wanted to get in the festive spirit and have some fun! We agree that everybody needs to attend at least once St. Patrick’s parade. It is a festival full of music and performances in the streets and happy people. We loved it!

dublin10dublin14dublin9 patricks day

Our vacation was full of touring, walking and sightseeing. So after some days, we’ve decided to rest in a fantastic resort in Galway City. Delphi Resort is more than four hours’ drive outside Dublin, and we are going to say just one word, AMAZING! It is one of the best destinations to relax your body and mind, to stay away from the noisy cities and the social community but at the same time to have free time to talk with your friends and spend a lovely day together. delphi1 delphi2 delphi3dublin27 dublin30 dublin26 dublin25 dublin24
Thus, during the way, we had the chance to have lunch at the The Old Barracks Restaurant in a charming little village. We were impressed by the architecture and the delicious food and pastry of this restaurant. Are you a busy man or women who want to have an escape trip? Then we insist on going there and having a break from your demanding schedule. dublin17dublin18dublin13 And all lived happily ever after, and like every fairy tale happy end ends, this is how ours ended. Where and how? Of course at the beautiful Malahide Castle and Gardens. Malahide Castle is so admirable and marvellous that achieved to steal our hearts. A fairy-trail also exists there where you can walk and dream about your future and making some wishes at the magical tree.  malahide1 malahide2 malahide3 malahide4 malahide15 malahide6 malahide7 malahide812

In Conclusion:

We can assure you that this trip will remain in our hearts. It was a trip that made us laugh every moment that we were all together. What did we learn from this trip? That we should always spend some valuable time with our beloved ones to create unforgettable memories… Memories that we will, and we want to remember for life. Sarah Louise Delany said, ‘’Life is short, and it is up to you to make it sweet’’. We insist that you should enjoy every moment and be next to the people that you love. This is the secret to be happy!!


Lots of Love,

LeoniDimxx  & Itsme_mariaxx