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Dogs have the skill to notify the liars and recognize the bad guys


If you are thinking of acquiring a four-legged friend, a recent study by Akito Akaoca, on behalf of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Japan, may give you another reason to take the step!
Dogs understand the liars but also the bad guys. And a ”dog friend” will help you to realize and understand which people need to be away from you.

The study required 34 dogs, domesticated. Owners for two days did the following experiment. One put food at one point and instructed their dog to find it and eat it. The next, they asked the puppy to find and eat a delicacy at another location, but they did not add anything.

Most dogs just saw that their bosses were mocking them after the third failed attempt not only showed reluctance to go to search for food but also expressed their dissatisfaction in a variety of ways. From this alone, it turns out that dogs do not like the lies and how they can eat a lot, but they do not eat … the fairy tale.
In addition to this, our loyal friends have the sixth sense and can understand among many people which their owners do not value ones.

This is a fantastic study that you should have a look and take a step closer to obtain a forever friend and member of the family.

Love your animals!


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