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Do not compromise, It is a trap!


In the current society that we live in, people tend to impose some restrictions or obstacles against your actions. Everybody is attempting to prevent you from achieving your goals and make your dreams real. Why? Nobody can answer this! Maybe it is just because some people are jealous, or just because some people do not want you to be happy. It is so simple but at the same time so awkward. At that time, they will ask you to follow the ‘rules’ of the society, they will show you which road to follow and which are the ‘correct’ and ‘wrong’ actions. However, who is responsible for deciding those rules? Is there a certain rule showing what colour your hair should be? Is there a certain rule expressing your dressing code? NO!

Although there is no written code of conduct, people like judging and criticising you with the main scope to prevent you from living a happy and enjoyable life, probably, just because they cannot be happy themselves. This is how they catch and destroy your dreams and, without your voluntary consent, they lead you to compromise with the rules of society. Consequentially, people tend to focus on their daily routine and way of life instead of focusing on how to improve themselves and decide what they should do in their life. In that occasion when your fellow mates, colleagues or your ‘friends’ or ‘family members’ are continuously showing you the correct direction of life that you should follow, then, remember, do not compromise, it is a trap!

“Do not compromise yourself, You are all you have got.”  – Betty Ford

At that very moment you should realise that people surround you do not really care about what will make you happy. On the other hand, they probably care about how they will disappoint you and impose bad thoughts inside your brain. Thus, do not compromise with the narrow thinking of society. Do not care about what others would say about you. For example, do you want to learn a hobby that is not a trend? Go on and do it. Do not compromise with the current trend, be different, be the change in this society! Do not overthink situations about your desires, just make your desires a reality and be grateful for what you succeed in.


I insist that each of us should take a moment with ourselves and think of what actually would make us happy. What we actually need from our life and how we will achieve our goals and dreams. We should not be afraid of living our dreams to the fullest but we shall remember that this is our life and we should grab each opportunity to live a life to remember. Every time that somebody is trying to change my mood in a bad one, I always remember not to follow the rules and not to compromise, it is a trap! That’s my suggestion to you, live for your self no matter about the classic standards of the society. In that way, when you will remember your past, you will remember the things you achieved because you wanted to achieve them and not because others imposed this idea on your mind.

“Life is too short for compromises. Live a life to remember”