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Birthday weekend in Brussels

Hi Loves! Welcome back at!!! Another blog post of our page IS ON! And... can you imagine?? Oh yes, i did it, guys!!! I booked a weekend full board trip to Brussels from Dublin for my honey! Vasos had his birthday on July, so i wanted to offer something...
Healthy breakfast
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Healthy breakfast recipes

Hello loves!! I can say that I’m officially an adult because I made some super yummy healthy breakfast recipes for the first time and it was AMAZING, which means it was a success!!! Now, brunch is the new thing, I suppose. Well..especially for me... Everyone does brunch! And they love...
Mother's day
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Δυο φορες μανα…

"Αστέριιιι μουυυυ φεγγάαααριιι μουυυ Ομορφο παλληκάααριιι μουυυ" Ακουγόταν η φωνή της γιαγιάς από το διπλανό δωμάτιο. Κοιμιζε τον εγγονό της με τραγούδια δικών της στίχων που τα ταίριαζε με μελωδίες που της άρεσαν. Η φωνή της βραχνή και λίγο μπάσα από το χρόνιο και φανατικό κάπνισμα ακουγόταν σιγανή και καθόλου...
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Malta Pre – Honeymoon Trip

Hi Loves! Welcome back in another blog post of our page! The reason that i mentioned the ''Pre'' honeymoon is because the real honeymoon didn't came yet!!! Today i would like to share with you some of my favorite moments and places that i have visited back in July. Vas...
Things that make me happy
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21 Things that make me happy!

Hey guys! It is been a long time again..:) Today i am going to share with you 21 things in my daily routine that make me happy! First of all, real thanks to THE ROLLING DONUT for the most beautiful donuts I’ve ever seen! I mean, come on…they were almost...
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What about Friendship…

Friendship for me is... Kindness, Love, Virtue, Sympathy, Happiness, Honesty, Trust, Loyalty, Altruism, Understanding, Companion and so more things that i could not describe easily with words... I took this opportunity to write down a little things about friendship... I would love to share with you my feelings about this...
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