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Buggy Excursion

Although I found myself of being a traveller, I realised that I prefer to travel outside my island, Cyprus, during autumn and spring instead of during summer. There is no reason specific for this preference. However, I try my best to organise whatever I found interesting within my island. Cyprus is one of the best destinations, especially during summer period, and due to that, I decided to enjoy my lovely island and discover its natural beauty by organising excursions with my beloved ones.

I consider that August is the perfect month for planning and organising my excursions. Maybe the reason of that is because most of my friends have free time or because my friends who live abroad decide to come back and reunite with us. Thus, since some friends decided to spend their summer holidays back home, we had this excellent idea for organising a road trip escape!! Well, it was not a typical road trip escape, but …….. a fantastic buggy excursion!! So, in the occasion that you are a person who loves spending his day in a magical place and explore the nature and the pure beauty of the island, this is the perfect idea for you!!

Our buggy excursion began from my lovely city, Limassol. We drove from Limassol to Paphos with our car, and we had a stop at Thunder Motorsport where we rendered our buggies!! There are buggies with two, three or even four seats and for people who are even more extreme, they can rend a four-wheel motorbike in a low-cost budget. The staff at Thunder Motorsport is friendly and helpful since they provided us with all the relevant information that we should know about our buggy excursion. My advise is that you should pre-book the buggies some days before since Summer is considered as a high season and it is difficult to find available buggies or motorbikes on that day.

And our real buggy excursion began from that very moment that we grabbed our buggies and started driving towards Blue lagoon sea, which is located in the Akamas area. The whole road from Paphos to Akamas was fantastic and the best place to drive a buggy or a four-wheel motorbike since you drive through the forest and at the same time you can admire the sea on the other side. This is why I love my island! Because even if you pass through a forest or a high mountain hill, you can still view the sea simultaneously. Some people may say that the route is challenging for driving; however, once you reach the final destination, Blue Lagoon, you realise how it worth it.

Blue Lagoon is the most fantastic sea on the whole island. The water is so clear and with lot of shades of blue that you can swim and discover what it is hiding at the bottom of the sea. It is common to rend a boat and sail over there. When we arrived at Blue Lagoon, we found a place for us where we had the chance to relax, swim and enjoy this fantastic sea view. My suggestion is that once you organise such a long day trip, you should plan to bring your meals with you. Just decide who is going to bring the drinks and the snacks etc. or even some extra items such as a beach umbrella, camera etc.

At last, we decided to visit to visit the Edro III Shipwreck which is located at Pegia area near the famous restaurant Oneiro by the sea. It is a nice place for photoshooting 😉

I am pretty sure that this was one of the best days during my summer holidays in my island. A fantastic sunny day, full of adventure, happy faces and lot the amazing nature just for me and my friends. What I liked most during my last road trip escape was the fact that I had the chance to reunite and spend a whole day with my crazy friends far away from the daily routine and noisy traffic of the normal cities.  My suggestion? If you are planning to visit Cyprus, you should visit this imaginary place, Blue Lagoon. It is a extraordinary place where you would have a fantastic experience with your friends.

A day spend with friends is always a day well spend !!