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Because in the end, it might be better for women not to wear a bra!


The bra is an accessory that adolescent girls are taught to need.
But according to the latest research, we may be thinking about all women, realizing that in the end bra is a social find to make it easier for women to fit into groups such as school or workplaces.

The first to open the Aeolian sheikhs is Professor Jean-Denis-Rouillian who claims that the bra has no anatomical or medical benefit for women at all. He even backs up his claims in a survey of 330 women aged 18 to 44 years.
The women were divided into two groups, one group wearing a bra, or the other not, for five years. The results spoke for themselves.

As it turned out, women who wore bra consistently had chest relaxation, stretch marks, and respiratory problems. On the other hand, women who did not wear a bra, in addition to feeling better and freer to breathe, noticed an increase in their breast size, a change in texture (hardened) while the nipples also had a more vibrant colour, harder skin and more uniform shape.

Following these findings, Professor Rouillian, it is vertical that the use of the bra should be specific and restricted only during sports activities so that women are not blocked from their breasts. Of course, in addition to the research findings, the professor added to the list of “negatives” of the bra, the price, as it is quite expensive and challenging for women to find the right bra!