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Beauty Travel essentials

Beauty Travel Essentials

Hello Loves,

Following all of my posts regarding my trips, I thought that it would be helpful if I share with you my beauty travel essentials that I also use whenever I am travelling. Is that a good idea? What do you think?

I always have the bad habit of packing hundreds of things in my handbag such as my hairbrush, lip balm, makeup bag, iPhone, clothes, books, laptop, tablet charges, pretty much everything! Now, if I have to choose my absolute beauty travel essentials to have them my travel bag when I’m travelling, then there are a good few staples that I definitely couldn’t leave without always regarding my beauty products. As you know this is a girl’s thing… we might be in a third-World country, but still, we want to look nice :p

Also, another fact very important for me is the personal hygiene. I am always having with me some essential beauty, hygiene products that I think they are crucial!

I know that they might not all fit into my handbag, but if you’re going on a short city break and need to be selective about which beauty products to bring, then those are the supplies that I would like to have with me:


1. Toothbrush and toothpaste

toothbrush and toothpaste

It is critical to making sure that we have with us those two essentials. Our mouth and in general our teethes they need daily cleaning. Imagine, you are going to a new country where you want to explore everything. And, don’t tell me that you are not food lover…so definitely, you will be eating a lot during those days. So, you need this!


2. Garnier Miscellar Cleansing Water

Garnier Miscellar Cleansing Water

It’s my favourite cleanser, without a doubt. It’s so light, easy to use, and it removes every bit of makeup, eyes, lips, face, and it also comes in a travel-size bottle too. Bonus!

The travel-size version is an excellent reason to buy it, as it will make your life easier!

After makeup, we all need to clean our face and especially before we go to bed. This keeps our face smooth, clean and healthy. The Garnier Miscellar Water it should be within our beauty travel essentials for sure!


3. Hair brush

As you travel and investigate and explore new places, there is a time where you feel that you got really dirty, sweat and especially your hair as well. When I travel, I wash my hair every day or once every two days. I know that this might not be what you are doing and you might think that this is not the right for your hair type…that’s OK, and I agree. But with my hair type which is straight, thin and it gets oily I really can’t afford of not having a bath! So, another thing for my beauty travel essentials is my Tangle Teezer Brush.

You can find them online or at Boots. It is very cheap, only 13.99 Euro and in different colors. It is tiny and suitable for travelling.

Hair brush

4. Nivea Oil Free Face Cream

I don’t really like makeup when I am on holidays especially when it is summer time. The reason is that I get really hot and sweaty and I feel that the makeup on my face it starts getting mill. So, I hate that! I have found my solution on this by applying my Nivea Oil Free Face Cream.  Again, because my skin is a combination of dry and oil and it can get oily during night or day, I use the free oil cream. Nivea cream

There is a lot of different types of Face Creams by Nivea, and they are so good! It doesn’t need to be, and you can choose whatever you want in regards to your skin type. Really cheap at only 6.49 Euro.

Believe me, it does work! It doesn’t mean that because it is cheap is not good!




5.  MAC Travel beauty Essentials

OK, I have a passion for MAC makeups and products in general. I love them! The good thing here is that MAC has specific travel category where you can find some products in a mini travel package where you can move them quickly while you are travelling.  After the application of my day cream, I am always applying on my face lipstick and mascara. I usually use the following products as they are too easy to carry them in my hardback because they have specific travel mini package:

Mac Lipstick

Mascara MAC


For the perfect ending and in order to keep my face skin refresh and healthy i use:

Prep and Prime MAC









By those three last products, I can complete my Beauty Travel Essentials. At least, you are, and you stay healthy, refresh, clean and beautiful!! Do you agree?

If you have more Beauty Travel Essentials that you wish to share with us, please leave your comments below.


Lots of Love,



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