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5 Reasons why you should go hiking!!


I am pretty sure that you have already realised that I like to share with you my weekend routine and to explain to you what I enjoy to do 😊 Thus, It was about time to share my new hobby, hiking!! In this article, I will try to show you my experience by giving you five reasons why you should go hiking.


There are plenty of hiking teams that they organise hiking excursions throughout the island. The organisation that I support is OTI Cyprus, which is a part of OTI International. It is a non-profitable organisation which aims to allow people to participate in cultural and multidimensional projects and events and to interact and learn from each other. So, you can find out the events that are organised by the hiking club of OTI Cyprus here and attend. Even if you join a hiking event alone, I ensure you that by the end of the day you would meet and get in touch with at least ten new friends so in the next hiking event you can join the team together. It is incredible to meet new people every time at α different occasion and experiencing the attitude of hiking activity. The first time that I joined the team, I went there with a friend, but now, I am in the position to know and get in touch daily with at least five new friends.


I would not say that by going hiking, you will be able to have the perfect body as someone who is exercising every day. However, I would say that it is a way of exercising, and especially a long-distance walking activity, which will assist in having the proper functioning of the body and heart as well as to remain healthy. Assuming that most of the hiking routes are about 7 – 12 km of walking, you can realise that it remains a hobby for exercising the body simultaneously with the mind.


No matter where you are coming from, I am sure that there are various secret magical places in your country that you have no idea that they exist. This is what happened to me. My suggestion is to visit a different site every time that you go hiking to be able to meet your country and be proud of where you come from. I am so surprised by the unique places that there are in my country, Cyprus, and this is one of the most important reasons that I chose hiking. I found out this is a way to gain general knowledge about the places in my country and to explain to my friends from abroad why they should visit Cyprus.

Chapel Panagia tis Agapis at Vavla Village


Each hiking activity has a goal. Sometimes this goal may be the waterfalls that you would discover at the final destination. Sometimes this goal may be the discovery of a hidden archaeological place. And some other times, this goal may be just the beautiful nature. I am not sure whether I can explain to you this unique feeling that I have every time I watch the whole city from above. The nature of my country is lovely. The high mountains, the tall green trees and the fresh air is the perfect combination away from the noisy cities. No matter how many kilometres you would walk by the end of the day, I guarantee to you that the nature that you would view would be so beautiful that it is worth the demanding and challenging route.

Kalidonia Waterfalls at Platres Village


There are different levels of difficulty for each hiking route to satisfying the needs of everyone. If you are a guy who loves extreme sports, you can choose to attend a hiking route with difficulty of level 9/10. This means that there may be some dangerous places to walk by. On the other hand, if you are not an extreme person, you can choose a not so hazardous hiking route but rather an average 6/10 level of difficulty and have a proper walking through nature.

*The credits for the photography goes to my friend Panos.