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5 first steps for the New Year

new years resolution

Every New Year is the most appropriate occasion to set your new goals, whether in a professional or personal manner. Targeting more often affirms the soul and helps to deal with the depressive elements in our mood and life, which usually intensify after the Christmas break.

But to be true, it must be done correctly, because if you take a few months after you check your list of goals and see that it has not materialized or dwarfed most of them, then you are wrong and you lost the game!

So here is my opinion for some targeting tips:

1. Stay focused on your real abilities

Put goals but those goals it should be realistic, measurable and immediate. Expecting yourself, others or life, to make your craving, is not called “set” goals, but “I live in a fallacy” or ”I live on others opinion”. Our goals must relate to us and not to others and be realized by us and be in harmony with existing conditions. A lot of times we might set unrealistic goals and then we can not make them come true. Instead of mobilizing us, it stabs us. That’s why it’s good to be realistic and to set goals that are human and applicable.

2. Make positive statements and be positive in general

Many times we ask for it through denial. If you want to be healthy, you will not make your statement by starting with “no” even if you invoke something positive. “I want to be healthy” is much stronger than “I do not want to get sick” and it’s the right way to call near to everything you want. Remember, your inner strength is significant so, make it happen and use it as much as you can!

3. Be compared and be able to choose the best

For example, when you order a pizza, you order it by saying details. You do not just say “I want a pizza”. I want a pizza with mushrooms, cheese and tomato etc. So you should be specific when you describe your goals. The more specific our direction, the more targeted. Also, do not forget always to choose the best for you and for what it does suits you most as a person.

4. Put your targets or goals in the right order

Everything is a matter of priorities in everything in life, and I am a hard believer in that! So now that you have to do with your goals, put them in the right order according to your needs. As an advise I should say to you to start with the easiest first and the most achievable.

5. Finally, do check your list on a day to day basis

Many times our list may need additions, abstractions, changes or deductions. Everything is versatility, and everything might change from time to time. Conditions may require us to make a freshening of our list, or have to review our order of goals. What matters is that we daily or weekly check our list of goals so that we can make any change that makes our journey more accessible and more enjoyable.

But do not forget, in order to achieve everything in life you need to be first of all POSITIVE and MOTIVATED!

So, keep up the good work 🙂

Enjoy your holidays guys,


Lots of love,